Victoria’s single-use plastic ban

There are 5 exemptions where banned single-use plastic items can continue to be used in Victoria. These are for specific circumstances where items are required for health and safety reasons or where suitable alternatives to a sub-set of banned items are not currently available.

1. Single-use plastic drinking straws for people who need them due to a disability or for medical reasons

2. Single-use plastic cotton bud sticks for testing carried out for scientific, medical, forensic or law enforcement purposes

3. Single-use plastic cutlery, where required, in correctional and mental health facilities to prevent physical harm or injury

4. Until 1 November 2024 paper or cardboard plates lined with plastic

5. Until 1 January 2026 any single-use plastic item that is integrated into food or drink packaging (e.g., a single-use plastic spoon included in a yogurt tub).

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