Show off your talent at Preston Market by booking a spot to busk.

If you’re interested download the application form below.

The Process

Prospective buskers are required to complete this application form in full and return it to the
Preston Market Management Office complete with the following paperwork:
• Copy of identification i.e. Drivers Licence or Passport
• Copy of Public Liability insurance (only if your application is approved)
• Proof of Covid-19 vaccination 

If you do not have Public Liability insurance, the best Insurance Company for actors/performers is Duck for Cover. Please call them on (03) 9439 5991 to enquire. If you are performing as a group you are able to fill in one application form however you must ensure that you are all covered under public liability insurance. This can be on the same or on separate liability. If separate please provide a copy for all insurances.

Terms and Conditions

• Preston Market reserve the right to deny your application.
• A current copy of your public liability insurance must be provided to the Centre Management Office prior to you or your group commencing busking on site.
• Entertainers must be fully vaccinated
• Buskers can book a maximum of once per week. Limited to 1 busker per day. First come, first serve.
• No bookings on Saturdays. Bookings are available for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.
• Busking must not compromise the usual trade of market traders or cause any excessive noise, excessive amplification or discomfort to the audience. It is the busker’s responsibility to regulate their sound levels. If Centre Management receive several complaints about the noise level, you will be asked to leave.
• Busking stage locations will be alternated and based on availability.
• You will be required to sign in at the Management Office prior to your start time.
• Should you need to cancel your booking please provide at least 7 days’ notice.
• All stage areas are inclusive of power

Booking availability will be provided to you once you have completed your application form.

Upon receipt of your completed application form Preston Market you will then be required to provide dates and times for your bookings and a performance area will be allocated to you.