Proposed Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) as Part of the Renewal

We’re committed to making the Preston Market produce a lower carbon footprint: our goal is to significantly reduce embodied carbon emissions, operational carbon emissions and running costs.

Sustainable energy: A huge number of solar panels to be installed on the existing market roof, station and laneway roofs and on the loft rooftop platform which will produce solar energy for the market.

Low energy lighting: has been installed throughout the market area.  The upgrade to canopies will remove the need for artificial lighting throughout the daytime.

Sustainable water: all rainfall collected across the market will be stored in water tanks which will be plumbed to water rooftop and market vegetation, garden taps and some toilet flushing.

Waste management system: The amount of waste will be reduced through the use of a small scale composting system that can process organic waste.

Sustainable Transport: Preston Market aims to reduce the carbon emissions and negative street amenity impacts generated by private car travel.