Pom-pom Pinecone Ornament

Your tree can never have too many ornaments. These pinecone pom-pom ornaments are very simple to make and we are sure your kids will enjoy making them.


-Assorted pom-poms

-A pinecone

-Twine or string

Craft Glue


1.With a small dash of craft glue, dip the pom-poms into the glue.

2.Place the pom-poms into the pinecone scales. Tip: There are no rules as to how many pom-poms to use. You can use less and place them sparingly. Or you can fill all the pinecone scales with pom-poms.

3.Tie and knot some twine to the top of your pinecone creating a loop. You may need to add some glue prior to placing your knot to ensure it’s secure.

Your ornament is now ready. Get decorating!