Keepsake Easter Craft

Transform you little ones into Easter Bunnies with these keepsake Easter portraits.


A printed picture of your child

Some paper – large enough to fit your child’s footprint and to cut out two oval shapes (one large and one small)

A packet of cotton balls

Kid friendly craft paint

Craft glue



1) Print out a picture of your child that is about 20cm tall. When you cut out the face make sure to leave about 2.5cm space in order to have a place to glue cotton balls.

2) Use a kid friendly paint to get 4 of their footprints. After prints have dried, cut 4 of them out. On one set leave a little space to glue cotton balls. This part can get messy, make sure you have some old cloth or paper splayed out so you don’t stain any of the furniture. Alternatively, you can do this stage in your backyard.

3) Cut out a big oval (the belly) and recruit help (your little ones) to glue cotton balls onto it.

4) Glue the head onto the belly and then glue cotton balls around the edge of the head.

5) Now add your feet and let dry.

You’re finished. Happy Easter!