Glitter Slime

Prepare yourself for some glittery fun . Your kids are going to love you for this! Plus, you can make a variety of different colours.


1 Elmer’s Glitter Glue

1 Cup Water

1 tsp. Borax

1 Tb Water


1. Mix 1 tsp. Borax and 1 Cup water together.

2. Empty the Glitter Glue into a bowl.

3. Add 1 TB. Water to the glue and mix it together. (This helps the glue become a little more flexible.)

4. Pour the Borax mixture inside of the bowl a little at a time whilst using your hands to combine the glue and mixture together. Right away you will see how the Glitter Slime will start to form.

5. Remove slime from bowl mixture. (if you leave it in the bowl too long, the slime will become too hard.)

TIP: Don’t throw away excess Borax mixture yet. If the slime becomes too slimy, you can place it back inside and it will harden some more.