Egg-cellent Piñata

It’s time to start a new Easter tradition with this egg-cellent DIY Easter piñata by Simply Notable.

Image and instructions by An Egg-cellent Pinata – Simply Notable



1 large latex party balloon

Tissue paper

A pencil with an eraser on the end

White craft glue

Craft wire

Flour and water

Some Easter toys or treats


1. Cut your newspaper into thin strips.

2. In a bowl mix equal parts of flour and water. 1.5 cups flour and 1.5 cups water.

3. Blow up your balloon until firm but not so tight it will pop too easily. 

4. Dip paper strips into flour paste. Wipe off the excess paste. Lay the strips on the balloon, overlapping them to cover the balloon entirely. You’ll want to place the strips of paper in the same direction for each layer.  Once you have completed a layer, switch the direction of the strips for the next layer. For example: if your strips are vertical in the first layer they should be horizontal in the second.  Repeat this process until 4-5 layers have been placed

5. Put your wet piñata in a safe place and let it dry for 24 hours.  It is a good idea to flip it half way through drying since the side that’s down tends to stay damp.  Don’t place directly on a heater, because if it gets too hot the balloon will pop and the piñata will collapse.

6. Time to decorate!  You can purchase tissue paper squares or you can cut them yourself.  Keep in mind, the larger the squares- the less time it will take to cover the entire piñata.

7. Take a tissue square and wrap it around the eraser section of your pencil. Dip the pencil end of the paper into glue and press it onto the piñata. Repeat in whatever pattern you like until the entire piñata has been covered. 

8. Using craft wire press the ends of the length of wire through both sides, looping up over the top of the piñata, to create a handle to hang it from.  Now fill it with your favourite Easter treats and let the kids have a crack at it!