Rock People Candle Holder

How adorable are these rock people huddled up, cozy near their campfire! They could make a cute gift for anyone.

Image sourced from Pinterest


-Super Glue

-Acrylic paint

-Paint brush

-Tea light candles

– Natural Stone Black Pebbles


1. Pick out three to five small pebbles and one large pebble. (Small pebble quantities are dependent on how many can fit on your larger pebble).

2. Using your acrylic paint, create two white circles in the form of eyes on your smaller pebbles. Using black paint, place a dot in the center of the two white circles. Allow to dry.

3. Apply super glue to the bottom of your small pebbles and place them around the edge of your larger pebble. Hold in place until your small pebble is secure and able to free stand. Tip: Start from one side and make your way around when gluing your smaller pebbles.

And there you have it! Time to light your campfire kids.

Please ensure children have adult supervision when placing and lighting their candle. Candles should always be kept in a safe place and never left unattended for a prolonged period of time.