Meet Kristian Gandolfo, Mariluci @ Preston Market (Virgin)

The Mariluci brand was created by my mother, Maria Gandolfo, who has run the industrial kitchen and outlet in Reservoir for 15 years. At 25 years of age, I have owned Mariluci @ Preston Market for close to 3 years. My mother started the business after splitting a partnership to pursue quality rather than mass production. That’s what we pride ourselves on, giving the community the taste of the food that we grew up with.

Today we have the two stores running with a third specialty pasta store currently in construction at Preston Market. Our main products are mostly based on my grandfather Pasqualino’s recipes. In fact, his traditional Bolognese Arancini was the driving point of the entire venture!

The Market is going to be the focal point of our business going forward as we believe it’s the central fresh food hub of the northern suburbs and we hope that our new store can be the new fresh face of such a longstanding traditional market. Our goal is to further develop our product range and satisfy our community’s palates for many years to come.”

Contact Details:

Stall C219/, Deli

M: 0402 648 942