Fresh Daily Gozleme

You really can’t miss the Daily Fresh Gozleme food truck at Preston Market – there’s always a busy queue waiting to order or devour one of their famous fresh gozlemes.

These traditional savoury flatbreads are lovingly hand made, rolled and grilled to order using yufka dough and filled with a range of ┬ádelicious locally and market sourced toppings. The very friendly owner, Yilmaz loves preparing fresh gozleme for his customers which he says, “is key to a tasty gozleme”.

Gozleme can be enjoyed as a meal or snack for any time of the day and most people who shop at the market have a real soft spot for these divine pockets of goodness.

daily fresh gozleme cheese and spinach
Since November 2009, Yilmaz, his wife and sister in law have been serving up freshly prepared and grilled gozleme to the masses at Preston Market. Coming from Turkey, he decided to start Daily Fresh Gozleme as gozleme is a traditional Turkish food. Having heard how popular Preston Market is, he thought there was a good opportunity to establish his business within and has never looked back.

Yilmaz loves finding fresh and quality fruit, vegetables and food at the market and loves the friendliness of customers (we love our friendly customers too) who describe his store as very clean and tidy.

Everyone in the store likes to have a chat about plans for the weekend and near future and about their kids – next time you’re lining up for a gozleme strike up a conversation with these very lovely people.


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