The Perfect Cup of Coffee Demo

The Perfect Cup of Coffee
Demonstration by Coffee Centre 
$15 – Includes a free French Press & sample of coffee. 
Sunday, 6th October 2019. 
10:00am to 11:15am.
Pam Lane, Preston Market. 
Bookings required.
Pay on the day. 

What’s it all about? 
Celebrating International Coffee Day on Sunday 6th October. 
Since the 1950s waves of post-war migration, Melbourne has become renowned for its unique coffee culture. With the Italians, came the espresso, and our love affair with coffee was born. And though many of us love the macchiatos, flat whites or lattes at our local cafe, there are countless ways to cook up the perfect cup of joe at home.

What will we cover? 
Don’t have a coffee machine? There are so many other ways to prepare a good coffee. This class will introduce and demonstrate some of the various devices for making coffee at home, such as stovetop, Aeropress and French Press, or Cafeteria. Along with some coffee basics, we will learn practical tips for what and what not to do. Most importantly, we will sample each brew as we go! 

Who will be teaching? 
Robert is a coffee enthusiast and the owner of Coffee Centre at Preston Market, where he supplies coffee beans and coffee equipment to the coffee-lovers of Preston. Having worked across many different roles in hospitality as well as adult education, he has a wealth of local coffee and foodie knowledge to share.

How do we pay?
The cost of the demonstration is $15 per person. You will be required to book below, however payment won’t be required until the day. Please ensure to bring exact cash upon arrival for payment before the demonstration. Collection of payment will be at the demonstration.

Do I need to bring anything?
Nope, just yourself 🙂  We’ll have a checklist of names when you arrive. Just let us know your full name and we’ll check you off.

22 available