Pipe Cleaner Teddy Bears

Try making these adorable pipe cleaner teddy bears by one little project. You can make them in an assortment of colours.

Image and instructions by one little project


Pipe cleaners

Some googly eyes

Medium sized pom poms (head)

small sized pom poms (arms and legs)

mini pom poms (nose)


Glue gun


Step 1. Begin by cutting a pipe cleaner into three pieces. Cut a 2 inch piece for the arms, a 3 inch piece for the legs and a 6 inch piece for the body.

Step 2. Twist the 2 inch piece of pipe cleaner around the top of the 6 inch one.

Step 3. Wrap the longest length of the pipe cleaner in a coil around the end of a pencil.

Step 4. Take the 3 inch piece of pipe cleaner and wrap it around the bottom of the coil on the pencil, to form the legs.

Step 5. Using a glue gun, glue 4 small pom poms at the ends of each arm and leg to make the paws.

Step 6. For the final step, glue the pom pom ears, googly eyes and a small black pom pom nose to a large pom pom then glue it onto the top of the pipe cleaner body.

Step 7. Your pipe cleaner teddy bear is complete!