Paper Spinners

Get the kids outdoors with these paper spinners that hum when they spin! How cool!

What you’ll need


Cardboard Circles

Printer paper with circle template, see below

Coloured markers


Glue sticks


Step 1. Make 2 circles onto your printer paper for medium to large sized circles.

Step 2. Add colour to these circles, the more colorful, the more fun it is to see as it spins…

Step 3. Cut out paper circles. Use these to trace on a cardboard box and cut out 1 cardboard circle.

Step 4. Glue on the paper circles to the cardboard, (one on each side!).

Step 5. Poke two holes right in the center of the cardboard circle

Step 6. Take a piece of twine, or rope, about 28 inches long. TIP: Use a match to burn the ends of the rope so they won’t unravel. Run the rope through the holes and tie a knot.

It’s time to play!

Take a piece of rope in each hand with the circle in the middle and go in circles to get the rope twisted .

Now you pull…relax…pull…relax. IF you do it right, the spinners make a humming noise!