Mum Flower Card

Show mum how much you love her with this cute mum flower card.


-x2 flower templates (Printable template below)

-Coloured sharpies

-Popsicle stick


-A photo of your child’s face


Step 1: Cut out the two flower templates. Then colour in one flower with the desired colour.

Step 2: With your uncoloured flower, start writing nice phrases about your mum on each petal.

Step 3: Pick out a photo of your child. Trace a circle around the head. Then cut around it.

Step 4: Glue your photo to the centre of your coloured flower.

Step 5: Colour in your popsicle stick green. Leave to dry for a few minutes. Glue the centre of the flower with the phrases and place the coloured flower over the top. Turn over and glue the popsicle stick to the back of the assembled flower.

You can then peel back each petal to reveal a nice message to mum.