Magnetic Paper Dolls | Disney Prince Edition

Get mixing and matching with clothes by making your own Disney prince magnetic dolls. Your little ones can pick their favourite Disney prince and dress him up however they like. See below on how to get started!


Tin baking tray

A pair of scissors

Magnetic sheets

Double sided tape


  1. Pick a Disney prince for printing. Click on the prince you wish to use by clicking on the links below. You can choose as many as you like, there are no rules! Each link provides multiple printable outfit choices for each prince.
  2. Cut out each prince along with her associated outfits.
  3. Using the double sided tape (glue can be used as an alternative), stick your Disney princess and her outfits on the magnetic sheets. Then cut around the Prince and his outfits.
  4. Your prince is now ready to be dressed. Simply place him onto the tray (he will stick immediately like a magnet to a fridge). You can then stick his outfits over the top of him. Outfits can be mixed and matched among all Disney princes.

I'm so excited to see Aladdin tonight! Here is my paper doll of Mena Messoud as Aladdin! It was fun to recreate these…

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Josh Strickland as Tarzan in Disney's Broadway musical. Costumes by Bob Crowley. I really love the new music in this…

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Life's gonna be like strawberry sherbet with with this paper doll of Eugene Fitzherbert! Don't know why I didn't make…

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Eugene from Tangled

Prince Eric Page 1It's been quite a while since I mad this particular set of paper dolls and I feel that my style has improved since then but I still hope you like them!

Posted by Paper Dolls by Cory on Wednesday, 7 November 2012
Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

The Beast Page 1This is one of my favorites! I apologize that there are so many pages but he was so big that only one outfit fit on each page. Hope you enjoy this one!

Posted by Paper Dolls by Cory on Wednesday, 14 November 2012
The Beast from Beauty and The Beast