Leaf Suncatcher

Your kids can brighten up their window display with this DIY leaf suncatcher. Don’t worry, it won’t stain your windows!


· Print out template

· Cling wrap (Purchase from Confectioners Favourites)

· Coloured sharpie textas


Step 1: Print out the leaf suncatcher template.

Step 2:  Place a sheet of cling wrap on top of the leaf suncatcher template.

Step 3:  Trace the outline of the suncatcher template using a black sharpie.

Step 4:  Allow to try for about 20 minutes. Then flip the cling wrap over and clip it to a white piece of paper. Colour the outlines in what ever colour you desire.

Step 5:  Allow to try for at least an hour.

Once dry, your leaf suncatcher is ready to be placed on the window.