Halloween-themed lunch box tutorial

With school starting back soon, and Halloween just around the corner, there’s no better time to dust off your lunchbox skills and create a few Halloween theme lunchboxes.

Alison from @mum_made_yum creates three easy, Halloween-themed lunchboxes that you can easily do from home with the kids. 

Lunchbox #1

·       Mini cocktail frankfurts, wrapped in puff pastry. Baked for 10 minutes

·       Hard Boiled Eggs, peeled

·       Lime Jelly pod (made using the @mum_made_yum Bake & Freeze Pods)

·       Carrots & blueberries

·       Apple slices, cheese bits & ham

·       Dip from Lemnos Deli

Lunchbox #2

·       English muffin, spread with tomato paste or sauce, cheese. Grilled for 5 minutes

·       Celery Sticks

·       Strawberries

·       Spooky skittles

·       Cucumber, cut into spooky faces

Lunchbox #3

·       Croissant with ham & cheese & lettuce

·       Banana ghosts

·       Mini Oreo Spiders

·       Mandarin