Avocado Pop It Toy

This DIY Avocado Pop It Toy by girls craft is the perfect DIY craft for restless kids.



-Coloured markers

-Avocado template

-Small clear plastic lid

-Hair straightener

-A marble

-Hot glue gun or craft glue

-Brown and green sheet of craft foam

-Core flute cardboard (recycled sheet of cardboard)


1.Trace two identical sized avocado outlines onto your core flute piece of cardboard. Then cut around the edge.

2.Heat your brown piece of foam by running your hair straightener over it several times. The heat from the hair straightener will allow your foam to mould into the preferred shape.

3.Place your marble underneath your heated sheet of brown foam to form the round pip shape. Then place your plastic lid over the top. As the foam cools down, it will set into a round shape forming as the pip.

4.Remove the lid and pop the marble out. Cut around the edge of your now round shaped foam. Make sure to leave about a 1cm border around the edge.

5.Place the plastic lid to the centre of your avocado to create the pip cut outs. Trace around the outside perimeter, then cut out. Repeat step 4 & 5 to create a second pip.

6.Place your cardboard avocado cut out over the top of your green foam sheet. Trace the outline and then cut out. You will need to do this twice so that you end up with two green avocado cut outs.

7.Place some glue around the centre rim of your two cardboard avocado cut outs. Insert your brown foam pips through the centre of your cardboard avocados. Press down on the 1cm border securing them in place.

8.Place some glue on both pieces of your cardboard avocado cut outs. Stick the two pieces together making sure the pips are facing the outside.

9. Glue your two pieces of green avocado cut outs on either side of your cardboard avocados. Then place a layer of glue around the outside perimeter and press down on the edges to seal together.

10. With a dark green and light green coloured marker, draw an outline on the edge of your avocado. Then smudge it using a cotton bud.

11. Draw a face on your avocado.

You’re all done. Time to play!