Multicultural Day

It’s a brand new year and we’ve got a brand new event to celebrate!



10AM – 3PM 

Preston Market is bursting with culture, from food to fashion, our visitors and traders.

Smell & taste your way through the Market with so many colourful cuisines on offer from our traders ranging from Greek, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan, Middle Eastern, Italian, Spanish & so much more! There is also a great lineup of pop-up food stalls as well!

See & hear a wonderful world of entertainment from cultural dance groups and live musicians, explore & purchase cultural arts & join in on the free cultural activities from all over the world!

There is nothing better than the whole community coming together to celebrate diversity!


Do you have special dietary requirements? Click below for a list of dietary options from all our permanent food stalls and pop-up food stalls as well.
Please note all dietary options may be specific to some menu items.


Live Entertainment - Full Line-up

Caribay Dance 10am - 10:10am

These Venezuelan beauties are colourful and definitely have the moves! Enjoy a mix of African roots into a Venezuelan culture and folklore.

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Melbourne Djembe 10:10am - 10:25am

African drummers & dancers will wake you up and start off the morning with a bang!

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The Melbourne Chinese Choir 10:30am - 11am

Established in 1991 with a diverse group of performers. Listen to the soothing voices of Chinese music.

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Don Sherman the Singing Chef 11am - 12pm

You can't go past this singing chef. Watch him as he cooks up a Sri Lankan storm while singing along. You'll also get to taste test his creation. Enjoy live performances from Sri Lankan and Hindi dance groups too. This is going to be a jam packed show!

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ZEN - 12:00pm -12:15pm

Performing traditional Japanese dances which are energetic and powerful called Yosakoi and Yosakoi Soran.

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VASS Arabic Women Dance Folklore Group 12:15pm - 12:35pm

A wonderful group of refugees from Arabian countries will be performing a fashion parade dance dressed in beautiful traditional folklore costumes.

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Manasis School of Dance 12:45pm - 1:30pm

OPA! Manasis really know how to get the crowd going with their Greek dancing!

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Super Mande Percussion 1:35pm - 1:55pm

A performance by students of Super Mande using African drums. The unique sounds of Africa are bound to get you up and dancing like there's no tomorrow!

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Comhaltas Melbourne - 2:00pm - 2:40pm

Enjoy the wonderful Irish sounds from the Comhaltas Melbourne music band.

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Victorian Blacksea Turkish Cultural Association - 2:40pm - 3:00pm

You'll be amazed by the way this Turkish dance group can move their feet! They'll be performing two traditional Karadeniz dances and a Bicak dance as well!

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Pop-Up Food Stalls & Permanent Food Traders

I Love Churros - Spanish Flavours

Authentic Spanish churros and chocolate with ingredients imported directly from Spain! You can find I love Churros located near Aldi at Kiosk 10. Find their pop-up stall as well offering special menu items such as Sangria, Patatas Bravas and La Coppa.

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Jasio's Kitchen - Polish Flavours

Try a delicious menu of homemade traditional polish potato pancakes, beef goulash, Kransky rolls and more!

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Chunana - Indian Flavours

If you're looking for a vegan option, look no further than Chunana. Their vegan indian-fusion snacks are great for your pallet. They'll be offering Vegan butter chicken, Zucchini Bhajis, Smashed Avo Chaat & much more!

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Moskew - Tibetan Flavours

Get a taste of Tibetan food and try out these hand made dumplings and delicious lamb skewers.

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Frencheese - French Flavours

Who doesn't love melted cheese poured all over sauteed potatoes, cured meat, salad and cornichon! Yummo!

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Kimu Korean Japanese Eatery

Mixing Korean & Japanese flavours together to create art in a bowl. Try Teriyaki Chicken, Koreano Chicken & Veg Bibimbam.

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Pierogi Pierogi

Handmade to perfection; grab a bite of these delicious polish dumplings with a choice of beef, potato & cheese & mushroom & Sauerkraut fillings!

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Mini Chocolate Krofni

Specially made Macedonian donuts with chocolate topping!

Steki - Greek Flavours

Stall C211 - Authentic Greek cuisine from meat platters, to gyro wraps to haloumi chips and Greek dessert!

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Drums - Sri Lankan Flavours

Stall C245C - Feast your eyes on a display of colourful Sri Lankan dishes.

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Peter's Pizza - Italian Flavours

Stall C207 - Grab a slice or two of their traditional pizzas ranging from your cheesy original, Margherita, BBQ Chicken, Vegetarian and many more to suit your taste buds.

Gringo Paella - Spanish Flavours

Stall N27 - Did you know that this Paella is an award winning Paella! 4th in world to be exact! If that doesn't tell you how good this Paella is then we don't know how else to convince you! You just have to see for yourself!

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Ishtar Borek & Falafel - Middle Eastern Flavours

Stall C245B - So many great menu items to try such as lamb, spinach and cheese or potato borek, falafel wraps, Iraqi kebabs, lahmajoun and so much more!

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South Melbourne Dim Sims - Chinese Flavours

Stall N26 - The famous dim sims that you don't have to travel far for. We have them right here at Preston Market!

T's Vietnamese - Vietnamese Flavours

Stall C224 - Authentic tastes of Vietnam

El Alamo - South American Flavours

These pockets full of goodness are made from the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients: hand-carved beef, fresh herbs and vegetables wrapped and baked in freshly rolled pastry.

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Vinnies Pizza - Italian Flavours

Stall C238 - Vinnies is voted the best pizza in Melbourne. You wouldn't want to miss out on a slice or more of their pizza pie!

Cornutopia - Mexican Flavours

Let's Taco bout these Mexican Tacos that everyone loves!

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Fresh Daily Gozleme - Turkish Flavours

K002 - They live by their name and truly do make fresh daily Gozleme every Market day! Secretly we think their Gozleme is the best in the North!

Miss Kitty's Crepes & Shakes - American Inspired

N28 - Shake ya tale feather with a rockabilly style shake or Crepe. Inspired by old school American diners.

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Preston Sushi Bar - Japanese Flavours

Stall C213 - Beautifully presented sushi for all!

Monkey Cane

K2A - Fresh Sugar Cane Juice

Cultural Arts Stalls

Mundo Maya - Latin Handcrafts

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HeArt of Shona - African Arts

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Caribay Dance - Venezuelan Arts

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Tecolote - Mexican Arts

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Zen - Japanese Crafts

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Indian Tree - Indian Fashion & Accessories

Free Cultural Activities

Chinese Mask Making

Facial Mask Painting is of vital importance in Beijing opera, it is formed through dramatic artists’ long-term practice and their understanding and judgement of the roles in plays. You can choose a mask and decorate your very own. 10:00am - 2:30pm

Chinese Plum Blossom Ink-blow Painting

The plum blossom is one of the most beloved flowers in China and has been frequently depicted in Chinese art and poetry for centuries. The plum blossom is seen as a symbol of winter and a harbinger of spring. During this workshop, participants use straws and ink to blow the trunk, let the air pass through the straw and out. They will use cotton swab and colour to paint petals. This workshop is suitable for all ages. 10:00am - 2:30pm

Egyptian Puppet Show & Workshop

Workshop - Using recycled fabrics, cardboard, masking tape, glue, textas, sticks and split pins, learn how to make simple shadow puppets and stick puppets with moving parts. Puppet Show - The Azura's Oasis Small Puppet Theatre is housed in an old suitcase. Stories from Ancient Egypt, the Ramayanna, and folk tales from around the world come to life with puppets, instruments, and a set that lights up! 10am - 2:30pm

Face Painter

10am - 3pm