Monkey Cane – Market Trader


It’s a golden-green love affair that starts with a sip. Baby, just say yes!

You’ve unearthed Monkey Cane, a story of pure passion born from one unique experience with a wonder juice.

Ok, so let us elaborate a little.

During her travels through Brazil, owner and operator Karin stumbled upon a sensation created from a mere member of the grass family. Witnessing the process of drawing liquid from a sugarcane stalk, Karin stopped to soothe her curiosity. This discovery, she would later find out, not only tasted great but offered amazing benefits for her health. The infatuation grew and out popped Monkey Cane.

Now located at a permanent fixture in Melbourne, these days Karin spends her time churning out scrumptious mixes and combinations of sugarcane juice. Blending together seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables through a cold pressed process, she produces health-advantageous, nourishing mixes of magic, boosted by a love of the art.

Their super juice ingredients are sourced from Australian farms and we haul our sugarcane from Queensland.

As a result of the many vitamins, minerals and other ingredients contained within, sugarcane juice has many proven health benefits.

High in antioxidants and electrolytes; it’s fantastic for immunity, hydration and as a pure source of energy for the body. Sugarcane juice can also help prevent bad breath, fights fever, boosts the body’s protein level, and is great for the heart, liver and kidneys. The juice has even been rumoured to fight off jaundice and help burn fat and build muscle. All this from a relative to a stick of grass – wow!

Feel the love for yourself.

Experience our Monkey Cane at the Preston Markets in Melbourne, located near the fresh fruit and vegetables section.

And if you want your fix of Greenway delivered, we offer fresh deliveries in and around Melbourne. Please contact us for more details.

Follow them to discover where and when our pop-up stores will be located.

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